A Bit about Martin & his Music  
  Round & Round............Martin Ross's most recent recording, is an eclectic combination of originals, and piano -bar popular requests. Reminiscent of his long and prosperous career based here in the Pacific Northwest, and across the Country. Along with Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia. Including annual trips with his band to Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong.

This project well exemplifies his much revered command of the "Baby Grand". As well as his "Straight from the soul" vocal performances.

Since Ross performs on a regular basis as a solo act, as well as with his own three and twelve piece bands. He has used the same diversity with instrumentation on "Round & Round".
From just vocal with piano. Added with percussion, to live cello, to drums, bass, and guitar.

Martin's artistic and musical history is rich with influences from his classical background to his ethnic neighborhood upbringing.